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XXL Freshmen List is always a highly debated topic up until the release of the magazine issue in June. Here’s part 1 of my breakdown for the XXL Freshmen List …


37 thoughts on “XXL FRESHMEN LIST 2017 | PART 1”

  1. My list:

    Big Boi SMALL
    Dirty Frances
    Lil Shot Glass
    King Dot
    Small Boi BIG
    Carl da Prince
    Young Old Man
    Lil Kite
    Kenny Smith
    Jarod of 401
    Tech n Jerome
    DJ Carrot Cake
    Choice the Wrapper
    K. Jole

    If you've gotten this far then you should know all of these names are fake.

  2. My XXL
    Lil pump And Smoke Purp there the new wavy
    Famous Dex hes just popin
    young ma because shes NY
    Nav is popin heavy and his project is amazing
    Russ best artist on my list
    A boogie Because of NY (drowning is amazing)
    Playboi carti but i think he will decline
    6lack Okay artist
    PNB rock okay artist
    Kyle FIRE

    What i disagree w on your list
    Rich the kid to old
    Dram i dont think deserves it

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