WRC Rally Sweden 2015 – Motorsportfilmer.net

The 2nd round of the World Rally Championship in Sweden was one of the most exiting rallies for a while! Results at wrc.com. Please like us at www.facebook.com/motorsportfilmer Footage from Shakedown, Torsby 1, Finnskogen 1 &2 Frederiksberg 1 & 2 and Värmullsåsen 1&2


20 thoughts on “WRC Rally Sweden 2015 – Motorsportfilmer.net”

  1. this is the first time after few years, that i am cheking wrc video, and i wonder. WTF happened ?
    why are this small cars racing ? i mean i remember Focus not fiesta, Imperza and Evo instead of i20 and Polo. You get the picture. No hate, just curious.

  2. Hello Tor Andre, very nice compilation, one question do you maybe still know where you have filmed the jump part?
    Do you know on which stage and maybe even know which part of the stage? i am visiting rally sweden this year and would love to know this spot, can you help? i mean the section on minute 17.26 in your video

  3. Funny how they seem to apply different safety standards for each WRC event. You can't even get within 50m of the "Gina" jump on the Baumholder stage in Germany. Here they're right next to it

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