WONDER WOMAN Trailer 1 – 3 (2017)

Wonder Woman Trailer 1 + 2 + 3 2017 | Watch the official trailer & clip compilation for “Wonder Woman”, a DC superhero movie starring Gal Gadot, Chris Pine & Robin Wright, arriving June 2,…

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25 thoughts on “WONDER WOMAN Trailer 1 – 3 (2017)”

  1. Finally went to see Wonder Woman in the dollar theater.

    Out of ALL the reviews I read since this movie came out, not one of them….NOT ONE……ever, EVER mentioned that this is a COMEDY! A laugh riot, farcical comedy! OMG!!!! I haven’t seen anything this hysterical since Liar Liar and Batman and Robin!!!

    All the “good” reviews out there make SO much sense now!!! The BAD acting! The screwed up Wonder Woman storyline! The inaccuracies GALORE!! The laughable and incorrect “accents”!!!! The FLAT CHESTED, DWARF woman playing the Amazon! The superlative BAD, BAD casting!

    OMG! Patty Jenkins is a COMEDIC MASTER!!! Besides the absolute brilliance at a hobbit Wonder Woman, David Thewlis as “Ares” was divine comedy perfection! To cast one of the best “C” grade actors in Britain as a “god” was indescribably the most brilliant comedic move to date! I laughed so hard, I almost pee’d my pants!!

    I think the ONLY actor in the whole movie who was trying to be serious, was the woman playing “Etta Candy”! She was MARVELOUS! She put everybody else to shame!

    This movie isn’t billed as a comedy, so I fully expected some actual serious stuff. But after almost cracking a few ribs after watching this enormously hysterical comedy of errors, I can see now why so many people liked it.

    SUCH a good laugh!

    But I have to say, DC has destroyed Wonder Woman for me. And after being such a long time fan and collector, this just completely destroyed everything Wonder Woman stands for and fights for.

    But alas, even after getting such a good laugh out of this “movie”, I still want my dollar back!

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