Will You Marry Me? (Our Story Begins) Marriage Proposal

Today our life story begins. Thank you to all our friends and family who helped make this possible. Huge thank you to Coley for writing the music specifically for this video. We love you all and thank you for all your love on this wonderful day! -char and allie

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This video is for entertainment purposes only. We don’t condone anyone attempting the activities shown. Seriously, don’t.


22 thoughts on “Will You Marry Me? (Our Story Begins) Marriage Proposal”

  1. why are people being such assholes about this??? there are TONS of people who get married twice and I don't see you guys bashing them. and so what her name is ally there are also MILLIONS of people named ally. he didn't want to marry her for her name it was just a coincidence. and it's not for you guys to bash other people's marriages and love. so just back off.

  2. "She take my money,well I'm in need well it's tryphin well indeed oh she a gold digger well over time that digs on meeee" lol comment if u know what I'm talking about

  3. i swear his last proposal was done in like a similar setting??
    day out in nature, gets on one knee
    things are way too familiar to get emotional over this, i mean gg and congrats but like eh

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