WHOA! Chief Of Staff US Army WARNS OF ALIEN UFO INVASION!!? WHISTLE BLOWER General Mark Milley 2016

BREAKING NEWS! UFO SHOCKER! Chief Of Staff US Army WARNS OF ALIEN INVASION!!? WHISTLE BLOWER General Mark Milley Speaks 2016 “Hybrid armies, little green men…” : General Mark Milley, U.S. Army Chief of Staff https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUt-W95E9Zg

Norwich University hosted General Mark A. Milley, 39th U.S. Army Chief of Staff, on April 21, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. in Kreitzberg Arena. GEN Milley presented “Leading Through Complexity,” the keynote address of the ROTC Centennial Symposium.

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40 thoughts on “WHOA! Chief Of Staff US Army WARNS OF ALIEN UFO INVASION!!? WHISTLE BLOWER General Mark Milley 2016”

  1. Little Green Men is a term the military started using in 2014 to describe non-military combatants in the Ukrainian Invasion in the state Crimea who, rather than wearing military dress, wear green uniforms, and has now become commonly used among military officials. Hybrid Armies refers to the use of tradition military, terror or other criminal elements, combative robotics, espionage, and cyberwarfare all at once; in a sense, a new form of total war.

  2. I believe hybrid armies was used to describe enemies that have no real state, such as the islamic jihadists. They have no real nation or home base, so to speak. But the little green men is kinda strange. Perhaps the chinese?

  3. aliens salvar esse mundo mundo deles nao tem doenças,paz sem guerras economicas eu peço aliens mostra a verdade para os humanos para acabar com wars help guardiões do universo

  4. I think the cavalry is here to teach us the original ways.
    Since they've been kept secret and then finally revealed, the government is going to Make them seem like the bad guys.
    When we have put the bad guys in the White House. The central banks, and the Roman Catholic Church.
    Not the people but the establishment that kept secrets from us.

    They're just coming to liberate.

  5. The hybrid army is a military strategy that blends conventional warfare, irregular warfare and cyberwarfare. And little green men could be referring to the Russian army who are dealing with the ukrainian crisis, also known as the Polite People.

  6. Actually, They do not want you to know we Hybrids are on the people of the world's side. No army of any country will want to fight against us and every government knows us and leaves us alone. We are here to help you. There are genetically modified abominations which have nothing to do with "True Hybrids."
    Sherkash Denatek our human friends

  7. I would not overreact, i meen if i started at a construction company as a trainiee, my boss said to the traineEs, you need to be flexible, sometimes we work on the moon, sometimes we drill through hell, we ll tear down the chineese wall…

    But he did meen that as a joke or as a way to make clear that you will be in demanding situations, and in remote areas, and that he plans to send you to any kind of earthmoving, excavation or demolition job.

    Dont you think he wanted the soldiers to know that he could be in dangerous and demanding situations, without causing a crises naming real live enemies like north corea, russia or other countries that the us has trouble with?

  8. No No No No No you are all wrong..the little Green Men are ET Alien ./ Human Hybrids .which they have been known AS alot longer that your your so called unmarked military Russian troops . possibly early 1940s the term little Green Men either before Roswell or Aztec or the same time as either time they occured ..up to 1947 .?

  9. LOL Blake man , this general says Green man because that is how they call Russian soldiers from when they started conflict in Ukraine. Also Hybrid army means combined army's with mercenaries and soldiers. NO ALIEN.

  10. CLICK BAIT!!! He never said Alien Invasion"!!! You're just twisting his loosely slung comment saying "you'll be dealing with little green men" into "Alien Invasion"! Stick to the truth guys.

  11. I don't think the hybrid armies meant aliens or anything like that, but something like a mixed military unit that does lots of different things and adapts quickly. Little green men, though? Not too many ways to misinterpret that. I'm not sure if he mentioned that as a hypothetical, or if he literally meant that the military expects to need to interact with aliens, but… well, yeah.


  13. Come on turdphase take a minute to investigate! little green men is a term we use in Ukraine when Russian solder were fighting in unmarked uniforms and wearing mask hence little green men! the term hybrid army's is used for fighting outfits using conventional warfare,irregular warfare and cyber warfare the USA is a hybrid army ! Come on Blake step away from the pipe bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. More distraction for the sheeple!  There are no little green men in the alien sense but there definitely are Satanists which possibly have a green hue when they are conjuring up their evil deeds.

  15. Sounds cool but … sadly just military terms … "Hybrid Army" a term used originally by NATO to refer to joint military actions … "little green men" refers to unidentified soldiers in non-descript green uniforms that are not regular army; private armies that might be established to rebel against a cause rather than for or against any specific country.

  16. we need to search for the place where all of these critters are kept, and create a lake of fire of the worst kind around them and their human leaders, so they all may piss, shit and swinge to their doom.

  17. Something is about to go down,the hybrid army r real and there hiding in a huge tunnel some where in antarctic. go to hagman&hagman where they interview steve quayle and greg evens.

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