Which Mac Should You Buy? MacBook vs Air vs Pro

Which Mac should I buy? Mac buyer’s guide 2015/2016
MacBook: http://mytechmethods.com/macbook
MacBook Air: http://mytechmethods.com/macbook-air
MacBook Pro: http://mytechmethods.com/macbook-pro
My 2014 Air Review: https://youtu.be/HlnFSZw9L2o

Since I’m a Mac user and I’ve reviewed many Apple products I decided to make a Mac Buyer’s Guide video for 2015 and help you decide which MacBook would be the best for you.

MacBook Family
* 3 models of the MacBook family: MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro
* Go over each laptop and tell you what person it’s best for to see if it fits what you want

* Brand new; available in April 2015; Base model starts at $1299
* 1st MacBook to be available in 3 colors: silver, gold, and space gray (like iPads and iPhones)
* 12” IPS Retina display with 3 million pixels
* Intel Core M mobile processor
* 8GB of RAM and at least 256GB of flash storage
* MacBook is for you if you just love having the newest Apple features (Force Touch trackpad and new butterfly mechanism keyboard)
* Care about looks more than performance (sexy; retina display; colors)
* Want something ultra portable and mobile; Apple’s thinnest and lightest laptop (2 lbs and 9 hours battery life)
* Just run basic applications like web browsing, email, productivity software, nothing too CPU dependent (has mobile Intel Core M processor)
* Don’t use USB drives or other external devices that much: SD card, cameras, charge phone/tablet, monitor (only 1 USB-C port for charging/input/output)
* Don’t Skype/FaceTime much and don’t need to record HD videos with the webcam (only 480p)
* Want something that resembles an iPad
* Most of your digital life is all wireless and on the Cloud
* Have the budget for it (expensive for what you get)

MacBook Air
* Comes in 2 sizes: 11” starting at $899 and 13” starting at $999
* It does not have an IPS Retina display
* 4GB of RAM (can be upgraded to 8GB) and 128GB flash storage (can be upgraded to 256GB)
* Fifth-gen Intel Core i5 dual-core processors (can be upgraded to i7)
* MacBook Air is for you if you
* Want a small, lightweight, thin laptop
* Always on the go (great for students and travelers)
* Don’t mind having a non-HD display
* Like the thin compact size of the MacBook but need better performance and speed
* Care about battery life more than anything (13″ gets up to 12 hours; longest battery life of any Apple laptop)
* Run typical everyday applications and can even handle some photo editing and light video editing
* Still need access to Thunderbolt and USB ports
* Need an HD webcam (720p)

MacBook Pro (Retina)
* Comes in 2 sizes: 13″ starting at $1299 or 15″ starting at $1999
* Both models have IPS Retina displays (13″ has over 4 million pixels; 15″ over 5 million pixels)
* 13″ comes with 8GB RAM (can be upgraded to 16) 15″ comes with 16GB RAM
* 13″ has 128GB flash storage (can be upgraded to 256 or 512); 15″ comes with 256GB flash storage (can be upgraded to 512)
* 13″ comes with fifth-gen Core i5 dual-core processor (can be upgraded to i7)
* 15″ comes with fourth-gen Core i7 quad-core processor
* MacBook Pro is for you if you
* Want the best performance and fastest speed
* Run CPU-intensive or graphics-intensive applications like gaming, HD video editing, 3D modeling, CAD, virtual machines, hardcore Photoshop
* Don’t mind having a heavier laptop compared to the other MacBook models
* Want a desktop replacement
* Need as many ports as possible (HDMI, Thunderbolt, USB, SD)
* Get 13″ if you want long battery life, new Force Touch trackpad, and fastest read/write disk speed
* Get 15″ if you want the bigger display and want the best processor performance and best graphics.

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Which Mac Should You Buy in 2015? MacBook vs Air vs Pro
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18 thoughts on “Which Mac Should You Buy? MacBook vs Air vs Pro”

  1. +wowitsbryce

    Then present the cheaper alternative. And yes, a Hackintosh is the way to go for everyone, as we know, that all non-Mac computer users are so computer literate, that they build their own computers every day.

  2. eemmm… GAMING IN A MACBOOK PRO??? i don't think so.

    The most powerful macbook pro can run almost no games, and if they do, it is with very low framerates

    DO NOT buy the macbook pro if you want to game, buy a windows pc instead, as this gives you a lot better performance, and you are able to play games.:)

    and please do not replace it with a desktop:)

  3. which macbook is the one for really broke students who cant afford non of that but still needs it since school/university in germany requires laptops? Great review thank you though!

  4. I'm stuck in the middle 😐 I'm a student and I have three hour lectures so I need something that I can carry around quite easily and something with a long battery life. I have a macbook pro now and it's really heavy, plus I have to carry the charger around because it barely lasts a full seminar/lecture. But…I use illustrator & photoshop frequently, and I have a lot of music and a lot of videos stored on my laptop. I have an external hard-drive but I like to access my music all the time, so I'm bit worried about space. I think I've ruled out the new macbook though, even though I like the grey colour.

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