[Where’s Shmee] BUSTED by Police in Monaco – 2016 Episode 17

Whoops! After we arrived in Monaco and took the cars to Monaco Premium Car Wash, we headed down to Grimaldi Forum to check out what was going on with the setup up for Top Marques.

Next I took the 675LT to shoot a video driving the F1 loop because it was all very quiet around town and therein lies the problem, the LT is a little loud for Monaco it seems and I’m on the receiving end of a €300 fine – oops! I’m super conscious of this kind of thing from London – I haven’t been to Sloane Street since October to avoid the trouble but normally Monaco encourage it during Top Marques to boost the atmosphere of the event. Note, not speeding at all, just a bit noisier than normal (no revving either), holding the revs higher for example. I think it’s just to make a point, and the point has been made I suppose because people attending will know what happened!

After that little incident we head to the harbour for a full photoshoot with a number of other cars. Then it’s into the exhibition to take a preview look at Top Marques and what’s going to be on offer to see when it’s open!

Top Marques Monaco

Monaco Premium Car Wash

Thanks for watching, Tim

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30 thoughts on “[Where’s Shmee] BUSTED by Police in Monaco – 2016 Episode 17”

  1. totally reckless, you can't behave, your a child, you should not be driving…anything. what a complete waste of money.j/k,peace, and keep up the good work.

  2. It seems like supercars nowadays are the only cars with bright colours or colours at all. Normal cars are all just black white grey or silver. Sooo boring made me almost mad when I worked at VW the last few weeks. All those colourless cars. I really need to get some colour on my grey (shopping)car(t)

  3. The ticket for the exhaust popping? While tenuous at best, fine. The cop trying to use a language barrier to screw you over on the aforementioned ticket? That's what I have a real problem with. It seems like it must e standard operating procedure amongst municipalities to try to use a language barrier to stump foreigners into coughing up the cash there and now. (I had a similar incident while in Germany.)

  4. Cop sounds like a dick.
    I wouldn't get put off driving the car around, and on the last day there I would be cracking that exhaust every 100 yards lol fuck em!

  5. love the channel but honestly can you imagine how many hundreds, or thousands of people get woken up at night by loud just one loud engine ripping through town, must get seriously annoying for people who live there

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