20 thoughts on “When Animal Attacks Human – Amazing Video Compilation 2015”

  1. LOVE MY CATS, Though if it had been more than one dog, things most likely would have turned out differently. I have lost (7) cats now to packs of dogs and I live in the city. I put cameras up recently and sure enough watched first hand how the lil bastards do it. (3) came up the drive, and one came up the opposite side of the house flanking my two cats. Luckily that night heard one of them barking and was able to get out there before they got hold one of them. Antifreeze in a bowl with some hamburger meat and ground up glass does the trick.

  2. ok people i know the thig with kids and captive large cats is cute looking but please remember that they are trying to get at your kids, very likely to eat them.

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