What Will Happen During The Shift?

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What Will Happen During The Shift? January 10, 2017 by Drunvalo Melchizedek drunvalo.net This Article: …

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  1. Why are there so many thrashing their egos? Just listen to what is being shared, agree if you want, if you don't move on and do something else. Many know this is about to happen. It has already begun with the worldwide chaos. We all have a piece to the puzzle…we are not capable of knowing the Whole…because humans do not vibrate in high enough realms and that's ok. Spirituality is an individual event and no one is "more" than anyone else or you would not be on Mother Earth…When you realize this, then you can work on alignment with her and growth will begin.

  2. What happened to the big planet that was gonna hit us? Still on it's way perhaps? Oh and by the way if you should go to Sedona Az. You have buy a permit to park if you want to do the tourist thing or take pictures of the view. See you in the next demention.

  3. ok help me out with this. If I build a natural structure, I will make it thru the shift verses someone who don't have this? Almost all houses are built out of wood and concrete so here is one example of my confusion. Concrete is made out of natural ingredients, stone, sand etc. I don't know what's added to it to turn these objects into a solid. So, would concrete be natural or man-made?

    Please please make another video maybe on full instructions LOL? Or should I just relax because my house is sold and my basement is concrete and all is good?

    Please enlighten me more and THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS KNOWLEDGE YOU SHARED WITH ALL OF US. God bless

  4. I think someone's been reading Drunvalo. I put my money on Edgar Cayce and Nostradamus,and for the record anyone' s dimensional shift is never more than a hundred and twenty years from the time they were born. Sure we are shifting and there will be crustal displacement. Humanity needs to watch the Schumann Resonance, the coronal hole in the Sun and their relationship the heliospheric electromagnet sheet because it predicts shift points with in the 12 octaves of the third dimension. Unless something like a solar flare knocks all of our electrons above the speed of light we will not collectively see the 4th dimension. I feel a golden age is about 3D(9) currently we are at about 3D(3). It may take the photon belt hundreds of years yet to move us to 3D(9). I brought Seraphinite to the West from a Denisovan cave in Siberia back in 91 to help stabilize humanities individual magnetic fields. Chlorite mixed with magnetite will really stabilize a person's EM field but it's not the only way. Take a look at how stable the Earth's magnetic field is around lake Baikal where huge magnetite deposits exist and then decide on where you think it's safe to be. I would not be living in a big city. Brazil is the EM test case now because the whole countries magnetic field is super low. It has urban areas with a strong human created EM fields from it's electric grid and natural areas with super low EM fields and the indigenous natives are not crazy. They seem to do better than the people in the big cities. Meat eaters will have a problem shifting and iron and plastic are victims of oxygen and bacteria. Don't freak out or give up life is a gift For the record there was a shift in October and it been scientifically measured. There has just been one again over the last two weeks. The Earth's average is +36 no longer +7.8. That will smoke your brain waves.

  5. All these guys talk a load of bs with the utmost confidence that they are right, when there is really no basis at all for what they are saying. I deplore this exploitation of others' wish to know beyond the ordinary.

  6. Why then is it when you do everything to be positive right down to the end and still fall off the cliff. You see all the good stuff going for you…then out of know where…bam! it folds in the middle, as fast as it was never created to be for you!

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