What We Know about Pot in 2017

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28 thoughts on “What We Know about Pot in 2017”

  1. At LEAST take it out of schedule one, its clear, CLEAR, that marijuana has medical benefits. I shouldn't even have to state that! Fucking big-pharma man is lose like 5% in profits really that big of a deal, stop lobbying, spreading propaganda and killing people and just let it be legal. This is so retarded.

  2. Smoking weed is degenerate unless you have a medical reason to use it. I say this as a guy from California who used to smoke every day. I had a doctors recommendation, I can tell you, most of the people who got the legal "weed card" are just lying to the doctor so they can get high…fiends. I do not hate you guys, I just do not want white people to smoke weed. Just stop!

  3. I have ZERO negative side affects as a matter of fact, my father is sick with heart disease and diabetes and cannabis helps him amazingly, he can actually sleep and feels no pain from neuropathy

  4. I am sorry but every time someone claims to know ANYTHING about cannabis but refers to it as "PHOTTTTT" I just stop listening. First of all, this term is from the 30's and 40's and is meant to refer to skeevy stoners smoking "PHOTTTTT" , eating potato chips, picking their noses and farting on the couch all day. This (as ANYONE with ANY ACTUAL experience with medical "PHOTTT" would definitely know) is not how MOST medical cannabis is used. People with cancer who use cannabinoids to medicate generally speaking are NOT "Smoking PHOTTTTT" but rather are taking carefully dosed levels of CBD, CBN, THC V, THC A and all those other cannabinoids found in "PHOTTTT, which have (hopefully) been lovingly and SAFELY extracted into oil or isolate form by an ACTUAL chemist, its NOT just a bunch of sick people geting to gether to "SMOKING POTTTT." I think his heart is in the right place but making a video like this that people who are very passionate about "PHOTTT" are going to watch just makes you sound dumb. It would be like if I made a video called "What we know about Marriage in 2017" (something I admittedly know NOTHING about) but constantly referred to the viewer's spouse as "The ole' ball and chain" and used other archaic and obsolete words like that. Not only is this derogatory but also makes me sound like I am ignorant and that I don't REALLY know what the f&#@ I am talking about or at best combed through a couple of articles online about the subject and am now fancying myself an expert…

  5. there should be a secret sign that pot smokers do that other pot smokers know. so we know who's cool and who ain't.
    i suppose you could just say "are you cool man?"

  6. "there is moderate evidence that there is NO association between pot and getting lung cancer." But what about carcinogens? You're putting smoke into your lungs, doesn't that increase risk of lung cancer?

  7. But if we take cannabis off Schedule 1 the government wouldn't need to spend anywhere near the amount they currently spend on law enforcement and it would also dramatically lower the instances in which law enforcement uses the laws surrounding pot to break into homes and initiate searches. The government has a lot to lose here.

  8. They have been reversing the onset of type 1 diabetes in Israel for years with cbds marijuana. Also many people including my sister with epilepsy has no seizures when taking just cbd oils.

  9. Actually, the report indicates wink wink that marijuana should not be level 1 narcotic. That is just ridiculous, marijuana is not as dangerous as heroin. It also strongly impedes research.

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