19 thoughts on “We Are Still Here – Official SXSW Teaser – (2015)”

  1. I wonder if the plot is kind of like that of Stephen King s short story " The rainy season" …? The town has to find a sacrificial family to feed and appease the old curse.

  2. I watched this last night on +Jennifer Rodgers's recommendation. It was a funny experience because I was ricocheting between loving the movie and hating it from scene to scene but ultimately landed on liking it a lot. Sometimes it's really cheesy, sometimes it has some really excellent moments, and where it ends up is ridiculous in the best way. It's a haunted house movie with ghosts that mean business. Great score, too.

  3. i didn't even know enything about this movie until i found it on movie25 . checked the trailer on youtube  gave te movie a try and.
    in my opinion  IT'S A VERY WATCHABLE MOVIE .  is it all the way up their great ?  no.. but it good enough to watch . one of the actors almost reminds me of jack nicholson .

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