We Are Being Attacked From All Sides Now, Stay Alert! The World Is A Different Place In 2017

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Author : End Times Productions
The US Govt is conducting a full scale propaganda war on the american people prior to the Trump inauguration. Meanwhile, Parts of the world are collapsing …


36 thoughts on “We Are Being Attacked From All Sides Now, Stay Alert! The World Is A Different Place In 2017”

  1. Hey folks, the 'Entire News Sorces, tv,radio-mostly,newspapers" are all Owned by these 13-50 elitiest families who have their anti-christ one world agenda through united nations,nato,vatican,false churches. & islam the worst diareha message.So, say yes to Jesus John 3;16 and Justin Peters & John Haller expose false religious teachers.read Your bible, Pray to Jesus-Yeshua that you & your family are save with the blood of Jesus washing your sins away. stock up on food, water, medical, have arms. Pray for Donald Trump & his cabnet. Pray for Israel & America

  2. This is fake. It's easy to put fake news and scare people. If they were going to attack us they would not be dumb enough to tell us or let us find out. It's like thanks for the warning now we know to evacuate

  3. This is what happens when American's let their President pass the Patriot Act which effectively cloaks the gov't in shadow of secrecy. RIP TRANSPARENCY! NOW BOW YOUR HEADS!!!

  4. am I wrong in thinking you shouldn't have a need for a gun on an airplane? I'm Canadian so I don't claim to have the same thought process towards guns but it seems a little crazy to me in the first place

  5. I feel bad for Benn Swann the anchor at 300 . he called out the post then he did a pizza gate piece (I'm not saying it's true) all of a sudden his show was cut and he left some interesting social media posts. He stood in the face of oppression and was stomped out like a cigarette butt.


  7. These Muslims Countries , that is correct . what President Executive Order, to Ban Muslims Countries , not to enter America, for destruction, It is better so, that this Majority Muslims Countries to Ban , to keep out , from there Terrorisn inside the COUNTRIES, You cannot TRUST these People , even though to their Family, they consider this Terrorism of their Family, because it is written in QURAN which is there BIBLE the SATANIC BIBLE, Better to PRESIDENT TRUMP; did not STOPPED the EXECUTIVE ORDER, donot follow the JUDGE who are AGAINST this ORDER, because it is not the right time today to let the MUSLIMS TERRorist to eNTER AMERICA.they become worst, and America will be in CHAOS , Better Let them DEPORT all Muslims,, or exagerate Muslims those who are not connected MUSLIMS TERRORIST.

  8. who cries there self to sleep at night. worrying about their children, wat DO we tell them. how will we protect them, feed them, will we just be prolonging our inevitable deaths. I cry seeing these images. people hurting everywhere. I don't want to live in fear, but I do want to be aware and prepared. how do I prepare. I feel like I should steal RV, guns, food ect and disappear in the mountains.

  9. first off why is everyone in room a sleep fake and fuck info wars for promtinging a worse zion queeen with tiny dick but loves to be painted ornage fuck you liars ,,,,,,,,,,, dark web fuck these cia trolls

  10. It's scary but I don't think America is even in the bible I have a little feeling this country probably won't exist during the end of days there's literally no country out there that likes this country if there is countries on our side is do to trade and strategies not outa loyalty or respect. We Europeans have controlled the whole world in many ways and continue to push on this even if we do go to war with smaller nations were in danger of destruction bc the smaller guys won't allow bullying so man power and technology don't really matter when almost every nation is fully capable of developing nuclear missiles. Our leader are happy with less ppl to control they have protective places sleep cozy for a full generation. Remember that.

  11. there is no weapon of mass destruction! mass destruction is multiple bombs or gas bombs! you dont need these erroneous bombs! Tokyo was wiped out by multiple gas bombs thst where used after the government and banks, Carnegie made billions on steel and bombs! they could wiped out Japan long before they dropped gas bombs, if you notice? Hiroshima had the same damage as reported gassed Tokyo meaning? there is no atomic bomb! science fiction that an atom can blow up a major city! has bombs are the biggest bombs that exist! 9.11 was vaporization bomb, requiring a system set up! not a bomb! the biggest bombs are seen in the attack on hussein! the prophet! lies are everywhere! as far as the killer goes! the look on his face reveals a real danger he owns! which is? he knows that Jesus will roast him! humans are his! he knows this! look at that pic! by the way there is no lone wolf! all killers know the devil personally! they ense the presence of Satan and the emotion of these sick smelly birds that also live in the vatican!

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