Watch this and you will see were in the END times!(2017)Earthquake! Earthquake! Earthquake!

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Watch this and you will see were in the END times!(2017)Earthquake! Earthquake! Earthquake! (…) Source: Artist: …


32 thoughts on “Watch this and you will see were in the END times!(2017)Earthquake! Earthquake! Earthquake!”

  1. Sir you keep saying your gonna call NASA out when they don't report these events…. that's cause they don't know…&…. BECAUSE THE CREATER IS COMING… But next time it will be too late…. Real Talk

  2. god is a flesh and blood man who hides behind his own creation inorder to manipulate and controll the world with his religion.

    you suckers better wake up before god rapes poisons and murders mother earthfor there fourtunes beyound her ability to sustain your lives with fresh water and organic wild foods.

    you fools deserve what ever world the billionairs make it for you.

    god isnt going stop them for you
    god isnt going to save you from them and god isnt going to save this planet from us either.

    you better take a good look at yourself and what you allow your self to rely on for the way and means to acquire what you want and need while you still have the capicity to war against it and fix it.

  3. jesus is not a God nor a son of God, indeed he was a mighty prophet and a servant of God . why damn u people don't understand this simple understood thing. There are 1 lakh and 24k prophets and he is one of them . come on people. be wise and be specific whom you are talking about. i tell u who is God ….SAY GOD IS ONE HE HAS NO CHILD AND NO WIVES, HE BEGETS NOT ,NOR IS HE BEGOTTEN.
    so submit ur wil to God not jesus. there is no single verse in the whole bible where jesus said m a god and worship me .

  4. burn all the gods and there religions so we can use the supreme law of nature against anyone and anything that is harmful to mother earth and her inhabitants.

    its the only way to change this world for the good of all things.

    even jesus camanded you to sharpen your swords and swing it against all things he deems evil.

    so what are you fools waiting for.
    the govt.
    the president.

    there all flesh and blood like you, fool

    secret is they know it and use it against you fools.

  5. are you serious are you seriously. gonna shut up it's been like two years in your reports about us dying. OK two yrs still nothing. are you serious is your wife still seriously with you pay more attention to her and not the sky. and maybe she will get serious

  6. people stop saying the world is going to end because yall been sayin that since what 1880 idk but just stop it just because you see it on a video or a picture dont mean that its going to end not everything on the internet is real get that thru your thick skull

  7. big one in Iran/iraq in July 2015. all kept hidden for fear of "people realising nibiru is coming". check it out. there is cell phone footage of this and others there were deliberately kept out of main stream media.

  8. thee is an app called "asteroid tracker" this shows you the past present and future trajectory of these objects and THE APP KNEW IT WAS COMING so there is NO WAY nasa didn't. this app shows x ray blasts and proton blasts directed at earth from the sun and they are MASSIVELY increasing guys. huge huge radiation levels bombarding us right now. res peeled for radiation sickness


    This world has gone nuts
    you really need some guts
    to withstand the temptation
    not to loose your salvation

    While the world is going wild
    you will be “the pitiful exiled”
    You’ll be pushed into a corner
    where you’ll be the mourner

    But the only thing that matters
    is not to act as poor beggars
    no, for when you follow the Lord
    you throw this world overboard

    Satan knows where he can go
    to play his demonic puppet show
    back into the hottest fires of hell
    where forever all devils will dwell

    Fight back every satanic ruse
    ok you might have to sing the blues
    but what counts is the end result
    you being the victor over all the occult

    In the meantime full hearted venerating
    and prayerfully, faithfully awaiting
    the return of the One and only Creator
    Who will forever ban satan, His traitor
    Rita Biesemans March 5 2017


    AMERICA, the warm embrace
    I couldn't believe what I saw
    people working of every race
    I'm still completely in awe

    Whether from Asia, Russia or Africa
    each group has something unique
    enriching the culture of America
    even coming from la Belgique

    The result is a beautiful mosaic
    in which all these shades of colors
    are woven into a picture prosaic
    without jealousy, hatred or horrors

    It is the highest time, don't you agree
    to turn the world's judgment into compassion
    to turn the world's ignorance into empathy
    to treat our fellow men without aggression

    As we love each other unconditionally
    we can end the suffering on this earth
    and obtain for ourselves additionally
    a most gracious spiritual rebirth

    Keep going America on a par with the best
    for they will profess your superior skill
    your warmth distinguishes you from the rest
    for me you are "the Shining City on the Hill"

    Rita Biesemans, 10-03-1995

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