Watch the HILARIOUS Wanda Sykes on Ellen 2017

by Jason Ashfield

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35 thoughts on “Watch the HILARIOUS Wanda Sykes on Ellen 2017”

  1. The only daytime show I ever liked was Opera's. She brought people with real common problems to her shows. She informed the whole world about some serious issues. God bless Opera. I remember when she was talking about anorexia with a very sick young lady who sadly secumed to this deadly mental illness.

  2. I have a dream! When Hillary is President in 2021 — she will have a rotating group of Press Speakers…… Whoopi; Wanda; Colbert; Samantha Bee; Black; and Ellen for a bit of niceness…….. All tough, all truth, all fairness, all the time! Give Breitbart, FOX, InfoWars, etc. front row seats…. Let them enjoy the full wrath of honest but devastating take-down.

  3. I Ellen, she is HILARIOUS, and Ellen can act too. Wanda girl, my mom does the same thing to me too, you are also HILARIOUS. both you and Ellen are so BEAUTIFUL♡ I just LOVE LOVE LOVE YALL♡

  4. I have to say, as a Trump supporter, I hate that Wanda makes fun of him. But, at the same time, I still can't help but like her. THAT'S the power of Wanda Sykes! Her lady love is lucky too; Wanda seems like she'd be a joy to be partnered with!

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