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24 thoughts on “Voted “BEST FLAT EARTH PROOF 2017””

  1. How does this thing with "the sun is a spotlight" turn out? If earth was flat you would be able to see the sun all the time. However if you want to do some experiments yourself: lay flat at the beach at sunset und watch the sun go down. Then jump up or rush to some higher ground and you will see the sunset again.

    You can also Buy a cheap telescope and look at some tall building across a flat surface (water works best) You will only see the top part, the lowest parts are below the horizon. If you look at the same building from higher ground you will see more. With that you can even roughly calculate the radius of the earth.

  2. "They are ignoring the facts"… if the moon has it's own light and not just reflecting sun's light, why is it black during the solar eclipse and not emitting it's own light ? duh how about the same in moon eclipse also

  3. bitch the sex things was a coincidence obviously. sometimes clouds just naturally take the form of thinks like faces or letters. and because brains or programmed to spot patterns we would notice it. its a COINCIDENCE. l0RD

  4. Guys, the government is actually lying to us, there is no God. They actually created the Earth as the shape of a Pyramid with the help of the Alien life forms and they keep it a secret by telling us theory's about how it is Flat or Round because after a certain amount of years, Aliens collect this planet like a farm all with the help of the Illuminati Government. And the reason it is a Pyramid is because it had been proven to provide the best forms of gathering resources. Look up "Food Chain" on the internet and see how it is in the form of a Pyramid. They don't gather the one's that knows the truth because we can help them advance their technology so that's why they leave us clues all around. The Food Chain, the Pyramids of Giza, The Illuminati symbol, the Symbol on the Dollar bills, it all connects guys, watch your backs.

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