(Video) Farrakhan on “American Indians Truths” Radio Show – Justice Or Else!

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan continued his #JusticeOrElse Tour in Washington, D.C. to address the 2015 National UNITY Conference, International Native Youth Council Conference.

He took the time to interview with Jay Winter Nightwolf of “The American Indian’s Truths” Radio Show. The interview aired on July 10, 2015 on Washington, D.C. Radio WPFW-89.3FM.

Minister Farrakhan’s interview was part of Nation-wide mobilization efforts for Justice or Else 10-10-15 – Million Man March 20th Anniversary in Washington, D.C., October 10, 2015.

Website: http://www.justiceorelse.com
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/justiceorelse
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MillionManMarch20th


19 thoughts on “(Video) Farrakhan on “American Indians Truths” Radio Show – Justice Or Else!”

  1. African is african. Native american is native american. From Canada to Tierra del Fuego. Different people. Stop this nonsense. you are NOT native to this continent. Regardless of what NIghtwolf or anyone says. I do not mean to offend anyone. In a thousand years arabs will be claiming they too are native europeans.

  2. Im a 30 year Old white German Male and i dont belong to any Religion
    This is the first interview i saw with Minister Louis Farrakhan

    Wow … the Passion in his Voice and the truth in his Eyes when he talks is incredible

    This just resonates with what i feel and know in my heart

    His moral standings and position are nearly 100% equal to what my Inner Voice tells me my whole Life
    The social enginnering,
    The divide and conquer strategys since the Roman empire
    That forgivness needs to be deserved and to repent is the first step to be able to receive it
    The Political Social Correctness that tries to shut us up in a Big Cover up
    That we are all one and Colour doesnt matter

    etc ….
    I will now try to get more Material Books articles from him and use his Knowledge to increase mine

  3. Farrakhan with due respect, you fell to tell the truth about the real Indigenous peoples of the America's. Oh, perhaps he (Farrakhan) lacks the true historical knowledge and thus speaks from ignorance. However, if not and thus speaking from willful ignorance, then this is hurting Us. We have to boldly tell and share the truth no matter the cost or sacrifice. I'll still ride with the NOI, but some of these Elders and Olders smdh.

  4. Respect to Farrakhan but @ 48:00 Nightwolf was trying to tell him we as so called black people are Native Americans too. His response was "Well"…. There is no well he just you! But Farrakhan is a smart man so maybe he was playing it off to not start no trouble. Anytime we as so called black people wake up or speak truth about info to our people they always find ways to incriminate us, take us out, or change up and rewrite our history like it never happened. Also like Nightwolf said they didn't take all of us from Africa like we all have been told. We've given the Europeons to much credit. Also it been proven and documented by many explorers that they've seen so called Negros. America is a large land mass so just like there were Mongoloid natives there were Negroid natives and we're still here today. The reason why we don't know because of the vast Europeon languages we speak today and also they always change up the termonology up on us of what they call us as a people that is not our indigenious names time after time to the point where we wouldn't even know where to start searching for our families history ties anywhere. If you look @ some old maps when they called Africa Ethiopia the time and the Atlantic Ocean was called Ethiopic Ocean. Itailian explorer Giovanni Da Verrazzano said "The complexion of the Carolina Indians is BLACK, not much different from that of the Ethiopians. We are a global people. Before there was no such names as Porter Rico, hispanic, latino, Jamaica, Cuba, and etc. We gotta research more!

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