Vape Tricks Vine Compilation 2017 NEW Tricks [January]

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Author : Vine TV
Brand new weekly compilation of vape tricks – December 2017 Week 2 .Featuring :drewdrips , vaper_j , wannatashaa , jordan__mv , alexthagod_rcscertified …


43 thoughts on “Vape Tricks Vine Compilation 2017 NEW Tricks [January]”

  1. maaaaaaan we used to do that shit back in the 90's with weed and tobacco after a good surfing session(on the ocean not on a fuckin laptop) where the hell is the art of rollin' n lighting in this, besides the smoke of weed or tobacco is twice as dense and harder to master let me see you try that and then show off, millennial shit is so weak even for a good smoke no wonder why the world is falling  the fuck apart god damn this new generations (sighs** and mumbles like grandpa abe simpson)

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