Vancouver meteor sighting caught on dashcam | March 16 2017

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by Tammy Kwan

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38 thoughts on “Vancouver meteor sighting caught on dashcam | March 16 2017”

  1. You won't believe this, but me and my mom saw the same meteorite drive home from my friends place. It was the same colour and everything. But the thing is we live in Kelowna which is a six hour drive away from Vancouver. So that meteorite must have been huge!

  2. this guy/girl catches a meteor but all i can catch is a person flopping onto my car and sliding off then screaming as if i hit them (which i didnt) and then they call the cops but then i try to drive away but the person immediately bolts up and blocks the front of my car to stop me from leaving a parking lot.


  3. Most likely a piece of space junk like the black water tank ejected from the ISS last week. Or the large screen TV the astronauts threw out the ISS window cause they are going insane due to isolation and the lack of sex up there. Or maybe…there is no lack of sex up there but maybe too much. Who knows…Is that illegal?

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