39 thoughts on “Ultimate WTF Instagram Gym || Workout Fails Compilation 2016 – PART 3”

  1. Never been much of a fan of these gym fail videos. Most are just of people making fun of others and how they work out which obviously is up to them how they want to exercise. Although on that note there were a few WTF is that person doing moments. Others like video taping people walking on a treadmill is stupid maybe they were on a cool down cycle or maybe like me my body is a screwed up from the military and slow careful walking is all I can do now so guess if I went to the gym someone would be making fun of me without even know the whole story / reason. 

  2. Is @5:02 on there because of the amount of weight? That's a legitimate core workout… And maybe he's doing low weight because he's recovering from a back injury.

  3. And this is why we fail, instead of helping and teaching the right way you all just sit around mocking them. This is why I have to stick to bodyweight work outs at home, because the "bros" are better than me therefore I cannot succeed. Every time I would try to start doing weight I would get a snarky bro remark for learning technique and using just the bar to get use to form.

  4. When seeing all these videos my instant thought is "why not go and tell him/her that your doing it in a way that will insure you get injuries instead of progress, want me to show you?"

  5. holy fuck,the second video is ridiculous. Normally I never bother with anyone unless they're damaging equipment, which pretty much never happens, but this guy is one bad grip away from having is chest cavity crushed like a crouton I would have needed to tell him thats way too much weight for him.

  6. had to laugh where the old lady could handle the weights but not the guy under:) and for all ppl who dont know how to row a f**** boat apply for one of my old schools: Olavskolen. Place: Bømlo. Country: Norway and the line you should apply for is: Friluftsliv linjen. (wilderness) then you get to row a little viking ship with 4-5 ppl on each side so you get to test your stamina and strength, first time i did it i was 17 and did 8 hours first day and was stiff as morningwood the next day and then 4 hours more to get home to the school, reason for double time first day was cause wind was against us the whole way where we were going and also a good teacher that showed a shortcut to get home the next day 🙂 would have been nice to do that shortcut the first day when the weather was bad but not that lucky 🙂 most of the time your not at the school but out on the high sea in the viking boat or hiking and crappy weather most of the time since its between Haugesund and Bergen in norway and Bergen is famous for how many days it rains every year.

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