ULTIMATE Twitch Fails Compilation WEEK 7 2016

Can this video get one like ᕳ´• ͟ʖ •`ᕲ

Submit your win / fail / cringe videos to me livestreamfails@hotmail.com (⚆ ͜ʖ⚆)

Week 7 of Twitch Fails Compilation. Subscribe for more fails!

Intro – Nujabes – Luv Sic 3
Outro – snakadaktal the sun ii


44 thoughts on “ULTIMATE Twitch Fails Compilation WEEK 7 2016”

  1. Why do people, in 2016, pretend that they hate porn, that porn is evil, that they haven't seen a fucking nipple before and that they don't even know what porn is, what is wrong with people.

  2. I honestly feel there is something wrong with that girl brittany. Like maybe a undiagnosed case of aspergers or something along those lines.

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