ULTIMATE 14 Year Old’s Gaming Setup 2016! (UPDATED)

Yo guys, today we have my updated 2016 Gaming Setup! Back at the start of my Youtube Channel i made a Gaming Setup video and even though it was a bad video and very low quality the video did very well and got over 100,000 views! So today we are back with my most requested video, my Updated 2016 Gaming Setup! I got a lot of the money from working 2 jobs and also money from Christmas and Birthdays! I also have a bedroom at my mums and my dads so i often have to take apart my setup to move it from house to house! Thank you all so much! #TeamMorgz

AMAZING 14 Year Old’s UPDATED 2016 Gaming Setup! In this video i show you round my gaming setup which includes: iMac 21.5 Inch, 2 gaming monitors, Xbox one, Audio Technica AT2020 microphone, Gt Omega gaming chair, Razer keyboard, Apple Magic Mouse, Apple keyboard, Custom gaming pc, Mini fridge, LED multi colour lighting, Extended Corsair gaming mouse mat, Beats headset, Astro A40 Gaming Headphones and more. I also do a room tour showing you where i make my videos and all the equipment i use.
I payed for this by working 2 jobs, one of them being Youtube. I also got a lot of my stuff from Christmas and Birthdays.
Also sorry for the commentary not being that good in this video, i recorded this a while back and a lot has changed in my room since i made this video.
If you would like a review of anything you saw in this video then tell me in the comment section below.
I hope you all enjoyed!

Fan Art Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kkU42Nk84xQ

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47 thoughts on “ULTIMATE 14 Year Old’s Gaming Setup 2016! (UPDATED)”

  1. your setup is pretty cool, it is similar to mine only all 3 of my monitors are the same type and are all for the pc, and I also have a PS4 when u have a Xbox but i never need it (cuz PC is after all… Master race XD (I had to :P))

  2. ULTIMATE SETUP VIDEO!!! but when u watch it he is always saying it is "ok" or "all right" or that its not the best… YOUR 14, GO PLAY WITH A BALL OR SOMETHING AND DONT CLICKBATE YOUR VIDEOS!!!

  3. my first time watching this guy. he is a boy with some huge talent but the only enoyying thing is that all he talks about is amazon but overall this vid is great for a young kid

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