Twins Come Out To Dad

With 2015 now here, we think it is time to finally just be ourselves. We hope by our actions today you can finish watching this video feeling encouraged and inspired. Thank you for all the support. We love you.

-The Rhodes Bros

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18 thoughts on “Twins Come Out To Dad”

  1. Ur just a bunch of fucking fag cunts, you should kill yourself because you are gay. God hates fags for a reason, because you should all die and go rot in hell. Seeing things like this makes me cringe. You have a penis for a reason, to mate, and continue our species. Put up with it or just die so the government doesnt have to waste resources on you when you get aids!!!

  2. You know if i get this hate this, so be it, If someone i knew or one of my friends are something, told me that they were Homosexual, i would tell them "you know i support you but i want you to know thats not how you were supposed to be, i don't know if you think people are born that way or if its a decision, but everyone has their own opinions i support you" i don't know why i wanted to say this i just needed to get it off my chest because i cant talk to anyone else.

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