Turkish Air Force VS Russian Air Force – Comparison | (Syria Crisis) | 2015

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VSB defense:
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20 thoughts on “Turkish Air Force VS Russian Air Force – Comparison | (Syria Crisis) | 2015”

  1. List of conflicts
    Name Result
    Russo-Turkish War (1568–70) Russian military victory – Ottoman commercial victory
    Russo-Turkish War (1676–81) Indecisive – Treaty of Bakhchisarai
    Russo-Turkish War (1686–1700) Russia gains possession of Azov – fortress of Taganrog – Pavlovsk and Mius
    Russo-Turkish War (1710–11) Ottoman victory
    Austro-Russian–Turkish War (1735–39) Treaty of Niš (1739)
    Russo-Turkish War (1768–74) Russian victory
    Russo-Turkish War (1787–92) Russian victory
    Russo-Turkish War (1806–12) Russian victory
    Russo-Turkish War (1828–29) Russian victory
    Crimean War (1853–56) Ottoman, British, French and Italian victory
    Russo-Turkish War (1877–78) Russian victory
    World War I Caucasus Campaign (1914–18) Armistice of Erzincan

    don`t forget it Turkey!!!

  2. Year : 1919 – 1923
    Battle : Turkish War of Independence
    Strength :
    Turkish Army = 86.516
    Invaders (United Kingdom/Greece/France/Armenia/Italy) = 479.840
    Casualties and Losses :
    Turkish Army = 35.690 died, 34.290 wounded
    Invaders (United Kingdom/Greece/France/Armenia/Italy) = 121,965 died, 48,880 wounded

    Result of Battle : Turkish victory
    Overthrow of the Ottoman Sultanate
    Establishment of the Republic of Turkey

    Numbers means nothing against some ancient folks of this world.
    You need more than numbers; as like faith, wisdom, bravery.

    Anatolia = Elysium to who brings friendship and sincerity.
    Inferno to who desiring enmity.

    Come 🙂 And justify my words once again.

  3. 2 400 hava taşıdı fazlaları var adamların ama unutmasınlarki dünyada ki en büyük uçuş tatbikatları türkiyede yapılyor en iyi pilotlar türk skorski helikoptere takla attıran türk . iyi ing bilen çevirip yazsında da Türk düşmanlarına kapak olsun :)

  4. russians and others are confussing about arabs and turks. Turks are not like arabs, turks dont escape in case of war. I am saying that as a half turk and half kurd and citizenship of Turkey. Therefore, for the russians : you cannot do any shit to Turkey including some economic acts against Turkey. Whole world know your economy is going down but you are cheated by your putin by using tv 🙂 nuke ? Just fuck off :)

  5. I have to admit that America has been involved in a lot of conflicts around the world but take a look at some of the comments on these videos the whole world claims that we are violent but the facts are clear

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