Tuning Show 2015 in Moscow – BEAUTIFUL GIRLS, I MEAN.. CARS!

Truly beautiful girls in the Moscow Tuning Show 2015! And cars.
Sexy girls and tuned cars go well!
I recommend to look at the beautiful Miss Tuning 2016

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19 thoughts on “Tuning Show 2015 in Moscow – BEAUTIFUL GIRLS, I MEAN.. CARS!”

  1. 90 precent of these cars are trailer queens cause from all those bad driving videos i have seen and how russians drive everyone one of these cars would be totaled within 4 days

  2. Your right, they are diseased. Not only that a high percentage are hookers. You can tell by all the Russian dating sites looking for western men. Very sad.

  3. lots of little faggots talking smack about 5 Russian women on this video. I was in Russia as a tourist and they are 10 times better looking than the fat pigs in UK or North America, so it's best to shut the fuck up. Every city I live in in North America are fat pigs for women

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