Tube Map Challenge 2017

I mentioned this is a previous Vlog, but thought it was worth a separate video to explain it properly – here explained are three variants of how you can play the …

by Geoff Marshall

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39 thoughts on “Tube Map Challenge 2017”

  1. Do the change in Tashkent metro go on all 3 lines beware of the ynsibot line it has always had a bad smell and get out at all the stations then go back in with paying don't change to another line do each line in one day and don't take photos or videos you are not allowed to take videos or photos in Tashkent

  2. Interested to know how this is going seeing how you've spent a large chunk of the middle of the year outside London…. I was thinking.. could we extend the rules and say a drink has to be drunk in the nearest Pub to each station – but checking on the originality of my idea I see it isn't…. not only that it would appear one of your colleagues at LondonList has already had the idea

  3. I know it is not as ambitious or as challenging as "The Tube Map Challenge", but as a "Mancunian", I am planning a similar task on the Manchester "Metrolink" system, by visiting all 93 stations/stops in 2017.

  4. / Does anyone know how many stations there are in zones 1-3? Both including and not including DLR and Overground.. Having just moved to London I want to give this a go!

  5. Do you have to insert a ticket or use an Oyster card? Because at West Ruilsip, I exited the barriers just to grab a Night Tube map (Yes, there was a WHOLE RACK of them!), but I didn't touch my Zip Oyster or use a travelcard (Actually I bought a travelcard that day). Does that count?

  6. Geoff, I am trying to come up with a tube challenge for Red Nose Day. I have thought of getting teams to visit the terminus stations on the tube lines. That way there is some planning required but it shouldn't take 16+ hours which is too long. My question is how long do you think it would take?

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