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Author : Charles Gross
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31 thoughts on “TRENDS THAT NEED TO DIE 2017”

  1. My most hated trend is cut-out shoulders on tops. In my opinion it emphasises the shoulder and makes you look like you have massive hulk shoulders which are too big for your shirt and have ripped out if it.

  2. Square toes are much more comfortable. Round toes are also pretty comfortable but pointed heels are THE most uncomfortable. I can wear square or round toes for like 8 hours walking around. pointed toes? nah not happening. and I used to not like the pointed look, but it's growing on me. And if feel like for a more casual grungy chic look square toes might grow on you in the right context.

  3. Omg the apple watch. Literally 3/4 of my work managers have them… LIKE WHY. I feel like they're just all following each other, lol. Like why do you even need that? It looks so dumb hahahah.

  4. totally agree with the red arrows and circles. they are legit the click bait of Instagram. sometimes they're not even circling an item. it's just so that you'll look at the image.

  5. pointed toes are the literal devil oml. i'm so glad everyone's collectively decided to go back to clunking around in those roald dahl witchy fuckin square toed shoes

  6. Another trend that needs to die – people who monetize roasting others like Leafy and Ricegum lol. It's lame content that has zero contribution to society lmfao.

  7. I feel that its offensive that you called your haters "triggered" because triggered in the joking/mildly bothered/a bit mad sense was used originally as a joke to mock people with anxiety/ptsd/other mental illnesses that cause them to have triggers that can start panic attacks/like things.

  8. Why do you care? If someone feels comfortable and is feeling themselves in some of that clothes or shoes who are you to say "it needs to die". Everyone is different, we can't all be the same

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