Can we get this video to 1000 likes? If you wear some of these things and you love them, obviously keep on wearing them! Be you and that is beautiful. But these …

by Madison Axford

Ever wanted to create something but didn’t know how or were in need of some styling tips that you were unable to find anywhere on the internet? Not anymore! Our team’s experts have only selected the BEST videos to help you out. This video has received likes.

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20 thoughts on “TRENDS THAT NEED TO DIE! | 2017”

  1. ANYONE LEAVING A HATE COMMENT: CALM YOUR TITS. I'm literally talking about clothing items/materialistic things…i don't know why people are taking such personal offense. i've watched a million and one of these videos, and i wear tons of things mentioned in the videos…like certain bags, shoes, or shirts that other claim SHOULD DIE IN 2017, but it doesn't bother me.
    if you like something i mentioned… you still wear it and rock it! you don't need anyone else to tell you what you can or cannot wear. why did you click on this video??????? these videos are supposed to be people's personal opinions….
    everyone needs to calm down and stop claiming my words as personal attacks. they are statements on pieces of fashion that i PERSONALLY don't like that i can rightfully share on MY youtube channel. i spent over two minutes in the beginning talking about how this video is meant to be funny and yet people are still complaining in the comments. negativity will be deleted and blocked. GROW UP.

  2. it's very obvious that you're up eyebrows are drawing on I mean come on they're not even the same color as your hair your hair is like dark brown in your eyebrows are like black come on now you're not fooling anybody

  3. I accept you put I didn’t like when you said about the Mom jeans and that people know they come from goodwill that’s just seems kind of mean but I do like the rest and I do like u a lot not being hate though

  4. OMFG this has been the worst video on the fucking planet. Like why is someone with orange face and hands with hideous eyebrows hating like she has an amazing fashion sense. Girl go back to your room and keep reading vogue magazine maybe you can learn a thing or two from them

  5. SO yes I understand that you are entitled to your own opinion, but some people don't like to be all glam, which I found you said quite a lot of times for this list. You said a lot of times too that you are just talking about items/clothing, yeah we know so stop getting so mad about it. Also please stop saying 'calm your tits' its really weird and kinda annoying.

  6. hello from a septum pierced, mom jean rocking, authentic combat wearing, opaque pantyhose strutting, bralette flaunting, distressed cloth buying, wedge sandal stepping girl.

    edit: since when have flannel print scarves been trademarked?

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