Treachery Revealed – High Rollers D&D: Episode 2 (24th January 2016)

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Our heroes confront the Elven Queen, Ayandris, to try and quell her spirit and remove the corruption in the burial chamber. But not all is as it seems…

Featuring Mark “Sherlock” Hulmes as Dungeon Master, with Trott, Kim, Katie & Matt as our intrepid adventuring party.

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41 thoughts on “Treachery Revealed – High Rollers D&D: Episode 2 (24th January 2016)”

  1. I adore that Trott is wearing a Critical Role shirt, it's a nice gesture (the shirts are cool as hell too.) I'll be watching both this and Crit role from now on as I am getting my buttocks handed to me on Enter the Gungeon.

  2. Why is Kim playing an asshole character. Fair enough being annoyed by Trotts character but still she just like miserable all the time. Give her some more personality!

  3. Yes drows have claws wolves kill farmers and people bears mostly stick to honey and kill people only if they try to kill them otherwise if you don't stay I little ways away from them your ok

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