Top Ten Cuba Travel Tips 2017!

Are you traveling to Cuba in 2017, and need some travel tips? This list will give you great information about saving money and traveling more like a local Cuban. Explore the wonderful culture…

by Here Be Barr

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22 thoughts on “Top Ten Cuba Travel Tips 2017!”

  1. Es increible como el ser humano puede manipular la realidad y lo que es miserable, indigno para el ser humano convertirlo en digno y honorable, que personaje tan lamentable, a saber cuanto le han pagado????

  2. Well I did the whole air bnb but my mini concern would be daily cost buying food and all and I downloaded the app u recommend .. other question let say i have sum cuc left and on my return back to nyc.. can I change cuc to u.s Dollars again

  3. Bring sea salt, a pepper mill, red pepper flakes etc etc… I bring a plethora of tee shirts as gifts… plus a lot of makeup, lipstick etc etc… very much appreciated… after many trips (8+) I have never felt unsafe and have found the Cuban people to be very friendly & helpful. PS Be prepared for culture shock… it is a third word country… although no begging and/or homeless people… poverty is there… just in a different way…

  4. The residents don't have the right to leave Cuba at least on occasion so, they don't get to venture and explore other cultures.
    What does communist country mean dictatorship. No thanks.

  5. The best "Cuba Trip Tips" ever!!! – Great job, Here. – As someone posted, thank you for doing this for us.
    I am a Panamanian, living in NY. I can't wait to make my first trip to Cuba.


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