Top 6 New 2018 Cars from 2017 Detroit Auto Show You Can Buy Very Soon!

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by The Fast Lane Car

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42 thoughts on “Top 6 New 2018 Cars from 2017 Detroit Auto Show You Can Buy Very Soon!”

  1. how could you leave off the Mazda CX-5? all new, once again, snubbed by my least favorite car channel. very biased, also not included is the German/Korean Kia Stinger. this guy sucks, a Toyota Camry as number 1, there's a new fricken Camry every year.

  2. 221 foot-lbs. of torque. That's the way my dad described torque. Pounds-feet has always sounded nonsensical to me. Maybe I should consider buying a Volkswagen IF American VW dealers can ever learn to pronounce Volkswagen.

  3. Toyota must not be interested in selling their Camrys to the older crowd anymore since old folks, myself included, don't like to have to climb up out of a car seat. My mom loved her 2009 Olds 88 but hated my Nissan Altima seats because they were lower to the ground. I'm not liking my 2015 Altima (3rd one) as much now that I'm 65 and am finding it harder to get up out of the car. Next car will be an SUV, mostly for the higher seating, easier getting into and out of.

  4. I will NEVER EVER EVER like buy drive support toyota out of all the Vehicles I don't like I would probably one day have a change of Heart but not with toyota I really HATE toyotas I'm sure you sell outs that have been Deceived Brainwashed into believing the toyota Lies and Bullshit would Disagree but toyota is a piece of SHIT

  5. toyota is the most UGLIEST and DUMBEST and STUPIEST car company ever owning buying supporting driving or liking anything that toyota makes is The Beginning Of Stupidity

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