Top 6 Concealed Carry Guns at 2017 Shot Show

This video takes a look at the 6 best CCW Pistols new at the 2017 Shot Show Check out our expanded website and new recommended product store….

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46 thoughts on “Top 6 Concealed Carry Guns at 2017 Shot Show”

  1. In Canada, the only party that supports an individual's right to self-protection and who wants to pass a concealed carry handgun bill is the Christian Heritage Party. Check out their common sense views on immigration, family, flat tax here:

  2. I like how his only reason for not liking the pps m2 was it's looks… Everyone else is saying it's one of if not THE best gun for ccw because practicality is more important than looks to them I suppose

  3. Ive had the full size p320 for a while an still trying to find an EDC gun. I'm afraid I probably won't find one and might just order a conversion kit and stick with my trigger.

  4. 2 J frames and putting full sized handguns in a "top 6 concealed carry guns" list? WTF? How about renaming the video to "the 6 guns they let me shoot at shot show". You are not at church or an executive in the gun industry trying to secure a trillion dollar contract with some senators, lose the suit.

  5. So what did you think of FNH USA booth . My buddy said it was amazing and they actually had the real deal M4A1 that they produce to the Armed Forces. I wish I would of waited to get the Gen 2 TACTICAL CARBINE with the new locking lug thing that connects the rail to the barrel

  6. Hey this video was great! Was thinking of the Kimber as the next buy then I saw the h6.
    Don't be afraid! He has given us confidence through him!
    I'd just like to politely share my opinion that the last few seconds of these videos could be a bit longer 🙂
    Look at the dislike button as a rewards later button.

  7. My two favorite CCW guns are the S&W Model 60 .357 2.125inch. Small and powerful. Fits in the front pocket of my 5.11 taclite pants and I can fit 2 speed loaders in the left leg mag pouch . Next is the M&P9C. Pound for pound probably the best CCW pistol. Add the x-grip adapter and you can use the full size M&P mags giving you 15 rounds of 9MM and a much better grip area without the longer barrel.

  8. These are all guns you like but NOT and I mean NOT the 2017 best cc pistols/revolvers. Who in there right mind cc a dog with a freaken headlight on it, C'MON MAN. I can say this by your attitude and the way you present yourself, you sir are a desk jockey that brings his over priced toys out to play with on a weekend. I did some fact checking and the number 1 was the Remington and the number 2 was Smith-Wesson and lined in at number 3 was a Taurus curve. man you need to do a honest video not just what you think should be. With little effort I found all guns under 500.00 dollars. Another person on u-tube that believes that the more expensive the gun, it's got to be the best. Also it's not recommend to put any first time cc person in a revolver and any good gun dealer will tell you that. Your fucked if your revolver has a catastrophic failure but with a semi auto you have a better chance of survivability in a missfire and YOU sir should know that.

  9. Good to see snake guns. I carry concealed a 6" Colt Python in bright stainless under a winter coat that I wear all year-long, even in 90 degree heat so no one knows that I'm carrying. Why? Because it's a Colt, that's why!!

  10. horrible selections. emp4 is way overpriced for a 4" pistol that is hard to conceal. colt revolver is ugly & there are already tons of revolvers out there. kimber revolver is overpriced and again, tons of revolvers out there already. stop kissing up to the manufacturers who sell overpriced guns

  11. You do such a great job here ,I will share a lot of videos ,my wife says I like his voice lol so even she watches which is great! I gotta 1995 hipoint carbine 9 millimeter, I shoot alot,so ? is and you probably hear it alot,can you do something on these guns ,mine has never not 1 time jammed,I do use the original clips everytime, I believe that they are note worthy, thanks and God bless!

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