Top 5 TORNADO of ALL TIME: VIOLENT tornado takes out house!!!! : May 9, 2016 Katie, OK Tornado

Update 2: Owner has told me they have recovered 6 of 7 dogs, but last dog that came home will have to be amputated.

Update: This tornado has been given an EF-4 rating. The owners of the home are picking up the pieces and are overwhelmed with the amount of support they’ve received from fellow Oklahomans. Two dogs we found were fine. They did lose 5 and some other farm animals…and some are at OSU from a generous vet taking care of the injured.

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Darin Brunin and Dick McGowan documented this VIOLENT tornado east of Elmer City, to near Katie, OK before having to stop to do search and rescue. This was on CR 1680 and Meridian road around 4:20 p.m.


24 thoughts on “Top 5 TORNADO of ALL TIME: VIOLENT tornado takes out house!!!! : May 9, 2016 Katie, OK Tornado”

  1. and aint it just great, all those storm chasers just drive by, not even bother to see if anyone was injured.more worried about getting that footage of the storm

  2. I live in Wagoner county oklahoma and man I've seen some bad ones, but this is crazy! I saw the aftermath of the Moore tornadoe when that happened…

  3. shows true wind speed! incredible! unbelievable! you guys are the best period! that shot while looking down the road is truly frightening. .Earth's storms…Un***$#* real!!!

  4. Excellent footage, that zoomed-in shot with the house bouncing from one side of the road to the other reveals details I've never seen in other tornado videos. Horrifying details. Is this filmed before the tornado has been able to kick up enough enough dirt/debris to obscure the center, or were you just THAT close to the thing? Please keep making videos like these, but please be safe first.

  5. Some great footage there! My favourite tornado is still the Elie F5 drill bit. The way that one grabs and tosses a pickup truck is pure hulk smash style. The beauty of it too is it danced around slowly, back and forward in a small area. If someone got close to that with today's camera technology I don't think it'd ever be beaten for violent wind speeds recorded.

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