Top 5 Pranks Gone Wrong Extreme Compilation 2015

Enjoy Top 5 Pranks Gone Wrong Extreme Compilation 2015
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19 thoughts on “Top 5 Pranks Gone Wrong Extreme Compilation 2015”

  1. "Dude its a prank" really??? you go to guy and ask him if he wants to get beaten and when he hits you "ITS A PRANK" …….. god damn you are all stupid asses .

  2. And thats why i won't ever go to America, too much violence and do not start with the "oh there is violence everywhere", Go to Finland, Sweden, etc and you will see people leaving their cars unlocked and house doors unlocked because there is no crime there.

  3. This isn't funny. This is legitimately scary and a good way to get killed. And no, going up to people in the ghetto and being weird is not "a good way to get shot brahbrah nigganigga". This beyond that.

  4. It wont be long before one of these YouTube pranksters will be in the headlines, "YouTube prankster shot and killed during prank while chasing people with an axe" or some other stupid idea involving a weapon. With the mass shootings and other crazy people out there, anyone would be justified in defending themselves with lethal force. Edgy can be funny and that is why we watch, but you fools need to really think about what you are doing.

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