Top 5 FREE VST Plugins 2017 | Part 2

Hello lovely people, Thank you very much for watching All The Download links are all at the bottom of the description box 🙂 In this video I show you 5 more of my favourite vst plugins for…

by In The Mix

Ever wanted to create something but didn’t know how or were in need of some styling tips that you were unable to find anywhere on the internet? Not anymore! Our team’s experts have only selected the BEST videos to help you out. This video has received 4435 likes.

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38 thoughts on “Top 5 FREE VST Plugins 2017 | Part 2”

  1. I compared free vst to paid.some free ones sound better than paid ones out of the box some paid sound better but the crappy thin sounding vst you can still make them sound fat and awsome just using effects and mastering tools.I have been prouducing all kinds of electronic music for over 20 ytlrs and making fat bank.I used to buy a lot vst now most my vst are legal free onesmj can get most free vst sound as good or even better than paid ones.why blow a lot money on vst if you can get them free.that means I can save more money on hardware synths.

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