37 thoughts on “Top 25 NEW PC Games of 2017”

  1. Make this video: Top ten reasons PC games suck (betas mobas and strategy) and are released much later after console, I'll help you start…. first pirating games by the world of pc peasants, second hacking like korea and overwatch how pc gamers are such losers they resort to ddos attacks. Oh and how steam rips off developers by taking most of their profits giving them so little. Or how steam owns the account and all the games on it and can disable it taking all the dumb pc gamers money. Pc really is the worst platform.

  2. Just got a gaming pc after already having an xbone for a few years now, thinking I'll play both (Xbox with friends, pc by myself and different games) but I haven't played Xbox in more than a week… lol

  3. I thought that Fractured space WAS dreadnought so i played that and I thought it was very different and was pretty sad about it but now that I know I was dumb and got the wrong game Im happy again

  4. So glad to see more titles adopt a more cel-shaded / animated art-style; Truly ages much better than most other styles. Look back all the way to XIII, Wind-Waker & Borderlands; ALL these games Look better than comparable 'Realistic' graphics of the time.

  5. games like disk and strafe should be banned especially from pc. Total incomplete failed graphics that is not up to present pc games standard. Steam should set strict regulation permitting only quality games for sale. PC should be reserved for quality gaming only

  6. Why do people like PC so much? I have one but barely play on it. It's just like any other game on console. Sure, mods and stuff can help the gameplay but will it make you a better player? No. I don't get it.

  7. As much as I love my pc gaming… I still have way more fun playing on console. Xbox is just more fun, can't explain it. It's just good, worry free, fun that pushes social play. And before you say I'm doing pc gaming wrong.. I'm not haha
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