MovieBandits pick their TOP 10 SCARRIEST UPCOMING HORROR MOVIES of 2016!

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List of the movies mentioned in the video:

#10. Annabelle 2 (0:11)
#9. The Other Side Of The Door (0:55)
#8. Leatherface (3:23)
#7. The Purge 3 (5:15)
#6. The Witch (8:05)
#5. Amityville – The Awakening (10:38)
#4. The Boy (13:06)
#3. The Forest (15:40)
#2. Jeruzalem (16:44)
#1. The Conjuring 2 – The Enfield Experiement (18:24)

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35 thoughts on “TOP 10 UPCOMING HORROR MOVIES of 2016 (TRAILERS)”

  1. Annabelle is fake, have a scene from "the conjuring", leather face is fake it is already 2016 and nothing came January and "the purge 3" is fake, there is no "the purge 2" and the new is called "the purge electro" something

  2. In The Conjuring 2, Ed & Lorainne Warren investigate the Enfield haunting? Really? Because, I've got a huge problem with that. The only people to help with the Enfield haunting were from the British Psychic Investigation Organization, and in particular, only one member lived with the family 24/7 for over a year during the investigation. The Warrens were no where in sight, so putting them in that investigation makes their story nothing more than another Stephen King piece of fiction.

  3. Anyone else noticing that women from the walking dead are getting roles in movies? Maggie (Lauren Cohan) was the leading lady in THe Boy and now Laurie (ricks wife) is staring in the other side of the door.

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