Top 10 Upcoming Games of March 2017

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In this video, We take a look at the Top 10 Upcoming Games of March 2017.Most of them are in alpha or beta, and are EXPECTED to be fully released in March …


46 thoughts on “Top 10 Upcoming Games of March 2017”

  1. Crazy seeing people defend Friday the 13th so much. I couldn't care less what the point of it is, it looks boring as fuck. So you have a boring as fuck looking game where you literally just go around brutally murdering random women/possibly men for no reason. If you find that fun, enjoy it and shut up, but don't act like people are weird for thinking its a stupid fucking game, which it is. And this is coming from a Manhunt fan, so eat a dick.

  2. this is 2017???? wow such a crap, no progress on graphic visuals, its still same shit. some games from 2014 are better. waste of time and money for stupid low quality shit.

  3. So anyone interested in Ghost Recon: Wildlands? I played the beta and in my opinion it's a great game, a few glitches that may need to be fixed and the concept of stealth, but other than that it is a great game…

  4. ME:A and Nier Automata are the two games I'm really looking for ! (Completely forgot about Routine, hope it will be good).
    Friday 13th look a bit fucked up. And like other games like that, ppl will play it during 5-6 times and forget about it in a month. Look really boring.

  5. Can't wait for Styx, Zelda and Andromeda! Echo looks interesting but I fear it'll fall apart immediately. I wish Outlast 2 was more than a cinematic, same with Routine. Has Been Heroes has me interested if for no other reason than being made by the Trine guys. Friday the 13th looks like it'll get real dull real quick.

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