18 thoughts on “Top 10 NEW Xbox One Games of 2017”

  1. PS4 in my honest opinion has better game judging by the 2017 outlook described here. I still mostly play older games such as BF4 since nothing new lately has caught my interest, I was really hoping 2017 would have some must buy games. However, I own Xbox, and will probably keep getting Xbox. I enjoy shooters and the PS4 controller just sucks for FPS, sorry. Everything non-FPS, has anyone else noticed this? Likewise, PS4 controller is way better for fighting games, and I hate the Xbox controller for fighting games. Kinda speaks to the backgrounds of both companies I guess. Anyway, I'll never buy a PS4 or Nintendo because they are Japanese companies and my grandfather was tortured and beaten to death by the Japs in WWII.

  2. xbox one has everything that counts. only thing they didnt get was kof which i dont see how sony pulled that off. besides that i feel the ps4 only has a few exclusives this year when i can recall 1-2 years ago people complained it didnt have anything to offer. just seems like companies get lucky to who evers developers can get the games out first for an exclusive. so unless xbox has the same equal exclusives and vise versa for sony no one will be satisfied lol

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