42 thoughts on “Top 10 Most FEARED FIGHTERS ( UFC ) 2017”

  1. this list is fucking retarded. McGregor over Silva??? you include guys like Wanderlai in their prime but who on earth would be scared to face McGregor or Khabib over a prime Silva? you lost any credibility immediately, though I can't be sure if you had any in the first place.

  2. Anderson silva dominated the sport for many years he was feared by all in his division. he's easily the greatest fighter to ever live and is number one and will be for a long time.

  3. The Las Emperor is no doubt the number one. I have no problem with Jon Jones ahead of me, but we can be switchable. As for Conor being here, its fucking joke. Nobody is scared of him. Everyone wants a piece of him because we all know he doesnt want to be in deep waters and taps quickly. In short he's a chicken.

  4. This list should not earn any attention or views
    This list is totally incorrect and made by 1 guy that thinks he knows anything about UFC

    Conor Mc Gregor is always number 1 if you are living in 2017
    Cain velasquez is also top 3 and never 5, and most of the other guys are not even able to be in top 15.

    So my opinion is , this top 10 is probably the baddest top10 i ever saw in any category.

  5. Cain Velasquez is the most feared MMA Fighter ever, just ask Brock Lesnar, JDS, Minotauro Nogueira, Cheik Congo, Big Foot Silva, Alistair Overeem, Travis Brown, etc and pretty soon Fabrizio Werdum too.

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