23 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Super Bowl 2017 Commercials”

  1. Honestly, what type of moronic and mentally diseased individual thinks it's appropriate to show political commercials during a sporting event made to entertain. Such as the Super Bowl. Ah yes, extremist liberals who pretend to be moderates. Funny how not one conservative company chose to run a political Ad. during the big game.

  2. oh boy~ can't wait for that future anti drug commercial with the soap box derby girl as the Crack AIDS infected whore sliding down the gutter with dozens of used (or unUsed) condoms all around a bunch of nasty arse trailer trash thugs waiting for their turn!!! Budweezer ads as a twoFer~~~~
    Also: the auto chain Vulcans where missing on that WALL to complete it as those ILLEGALs are blown into chibblets.

  3. I really don't know why people are so pissed off about the Budweiser ad. I MEAN I THOUGHT YOU WERE ALL FOR LEGAL IMMIGRANTS AND THE GUY IS A LEGAL IMMIGRANT WHAT DO YOU HATE.

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