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  1. its funny when everybody in the comments is hating on other trucks and sating this and that sucks yet 98% of them probably have no mechanical knowledge lol

  2. My list(late 90s-2000s):
    10: GMC/Chevy 1500 5.3 – reliable but has small little issues with the doors and MPG isn't the best.
    9: Ford ranger – decent MPG work horse of the mid size truck world, simple and easy, but lacks the quad cab option.
    8: Nissan frontier – good MPG, reliable, has a quad cab option, but lacks the advertisment it needs, also low towing capility.
    7. Nissan titan – has average towing for a 1/2 ton (9,500lbs) mpg is alright, 0-60 very fast. but like the frontier lacks tv time (the first gen)
    6. Dodge Ram 1500 second-fourth gen.
    the magnum engines where unbeatible, but the transmissions where not the greatest (some due to people towing 12k or more). the hemi got better mpg than the chevy 5.3 and just as much if not more hp and tq than the 5.9 360. But some hemi's had relibility issues (blowing up basically).
    5. Chevy/GMC 6.0/6.2/6.6 duramax- both gassers have over 400+ hp and tq. and the diesel has great 0-60 time for a 3/4 ton. both last forever with no big issues. again mpg isnt the greatest, but with the "new" cylinder decativation it ahpild improve. the new duramax's have glow plug issues and all new chevy's have aluminum under body which is bad if you want to lift your truck.
    4. Ford f150 5.4/5.0/6.2
    the triton 5.4 made good power and most last over 300,000 (that I've seen) they also maintain 18 mpg average going 55-60. But the tritons had head gasket issues and valve issues too. The 5.0 makes more hp and tq than the 5.4 but they should of just tuned up the 5.4. and the 6.2 would of dominated the 1/2 class if ford kept it. (12k towing ability).
    3. Toyota Tacoma/Tundra.
    Tacoma: reliable and gets good mpg. But lacks great towing ability. Tundra tows great, has the biggest cab space of all the 1/2 tons. mpg is the same as the chevy 1500s if not worse. both last forever.
    2. Ford f250 5.4/7.3.
    The 5.4 in the f250s ive seen and heard of going over 1,000,000 miles. not only did the last forever, in my opinion they seem to be the true worl horse of the 3/4 ton class. but what holds it back is once again bad mpg (about 10-12 city. Maybe 15 highway). but the 7.3 makes up for that due to it being the best diesel ford has ever had. They last forever nearly no issues.
    1. Cant decide between the Dodge ram 2500 5.9/6.7 cummins, and the Nissan titan XD 5.0 cummins.
    the ram has best inclass mpg in all classes has the legendary cummins diesel. like all of the diesels they last forever, also best in class towing, ive also witnessed this – 1994 Cummins dually with a over 12k – 15k lbs on and in it. and it got nearly 20 mpg going 50. the 6.7 can tow over 30k easily. that's more than what's rated for the ford and chevy.
    Now the nissain titan cummins gets decent mpg, but comes in more cab options than the second gen cummins and can tow about the same and has a new needed look.
    these are all my opinion. if you have a differnt one I'll be glad to read it.

  3. You cant go wrong with the Tundra. The "Toys" are just good trucks plain and simple.
    Ford Rapture is the truck of dreams (except for the dreams of a biased Chevy guy. Its more like jealousy… Dodge guys tend to be more open minded but not always).
    I don't have a real opinion on the Dodges. I don't dislike them but I don't think I would ever buy one.
    Chevy and GMC ( I prefer GMC ) have started to come out with some good looking and competitive trucks. The interior though is by far the cheapest looking and ugliest.
    The Titan… It looks like Toyota and Ford made a baby and it came out retarded.

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