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TOP 10 BEST KODI ADDONS FEBRUARY 2017!!! Movies, Sports, Live TV!! Top Kodi tutorials including: my Top 10 Best Kodi Addons February 2017!


32 thoughts on “TOP 10 BEST KODI ADDONS FEBRUARY 2017!!!”

  1. Mine doesn't have the options you have when you do the source
    I did the same as you on add source I put
    And named it even the same as yours ares and then when I got to install from zip file I have like 3 options and it's not at all what you have as in I don't have even as one of the options so why isn't it working

  2. I accidentally cleared the data on Kodi. I am new to this istick/android stick/ internet tv. I am lucky to turn on my computer properly, let alone recapture lost data. Haha! I was about to give up and accept defeat in the destruction of my Kodi. Watching countless videos on how to get add ons back on my kodi. I came across your tutorial on exodus and pheonix installation, which is all I use. Total success and I thank you for creating such efficient, NO NOISE tutorials for us dummies that can't navigate the www. Soooooo appreciate the simplified lessons…..

  3. Is anybody else having problems installing number 5 in the list? 'ProjectD'? When I try to add source it says that it could not retrieve the directory information?

  4. being new to kodi, going by your instructions, when I try to add Echo to my addons, I get a message that says Im not connected to the network, how do I get connected to this network???

  5. I was just wondering I have a K7 cell phone and I had the Kodi on my phone and now that it's updated 217 I don't know how to get it on I know how to go to the Google Play Store and download it that way but after that I don't know what the ad sources for the for the just the movies for the Android phone cuz it is Android if you can help me out putting it on my K7 Android phone I'll be much appreciated

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