Top 10 Bangkok gogo Bars (Soi Cowboy, Patpong, Nana Plaza)

Top 10 Bangkok gogo Bars – (Soi Cowboy, Patpong and Nana Plaza) 2016

This list was compiled from the last few years of drinking in the gogo bars of Bangkok. These are the best gogo bars that I visit regularly and enjoy drinking in.

In no particular order:

Soi Cowboy:
Baccara 0:57
Lighthouse 2:07
Crazy House 3:05
Shark 3:55

Bada Bing 5:05

Nana Plaza:
R & B Bar 6:11
Spanky’s 7:00
Bangkok Bunnies 8:12
Angelwitch 9:16
Billboard 10:00

Honorable mentions 11:04

Bangkok gogo bars can be fickle from night to night, and good bars can go bad with management and staff changes. But I stand by this list as a solid guide to Bangkok’s best gogo bars as of February 2016.

Note: No ladyboy gogo bars have been included, and also I have omitted bars which pass off post-op ladyboys as ladies.

Thank you for watching and visit for more info from this video.


48 thoughts on “Top 10 Bangkok gogo Bars (Soi Cowboy, Patpong, Nana Plaza)”

  1. Hi, great video. I'm a veteran of Bangkok about 20 odd years, but haven't been back for about 5 years, man Nana Plaza seems to have changed so much. Bangkok Bunnies seems to have taken over that whole ground floor section. Used to love playing pool in a bar there in the far corner Voodoo I think. Some of the bars I haven't even heard of. My favourite bar there was always Playskool, that must still be there. In Cowboy I tended the like the smaller bars Afterskool , Toy Bar, Cocktail Bar (used to be Crazy Jacks Shadow bar, then just Shadow Bar) etc Toy Bar never gets a mention on anything, always a great bar. Bacara seems to be doing well, that used to be Bluebird, but loved it when it changed to Bacara cause of the glass ceiling.    How long you been going, can you remember Clinton Plaza?  was a different whole bar area along Sukhumvit, also do you go to Thermae? My fav' bar of all time, especially when it used to close about 7 in the morning, great times.  Anyway thanks , for bringing back loads of great memories, you seem to be living how I was 20 years ago. I'm not gonna be one of those boring old farts who say it was better in my day, cause it looks just as good now.

  2. 10:09 Ah there is one of the soapsuds girls in the towel. Her nickname is Shampoo. I wonder why. She often gets naked in the Billboard tub and once she had a few drinks, or even before, she likes to go full lesbian on some of the other girls. Just give her a few tips to encourage her. You will be amply rewarded. :)

  3. what do people usually talk to the girls about? i see a lot of videos about people talking to the girls for at least 2-3minutes. do you happen to know what they usually talk about? like in this video 8:57

  4. Dude ,,,,,, very good info !!! great job!!!! May I ask are there any laid back type bars with nice lookin girls .You know with out the loud booming music maybe a jazz type bar or piano type bar . These all look very enticing but I just cant handle the blasting thumping music.

  5. Absolutely wrong!!!! I 'm coming to Thailand since 1986….the 10 best Bangkok gogo bars closed down long ago….one is remaining in Soi cow-boy "the Long Gun"… That's it.

  6. Hey I love the videos! It would be really cool to see more of the different types of nightlife, like where do the Thai people go out? Or where has great live music? Just a suggestion keep up the good work xx

  7. Long time follower here… Can you recommend the best nightclub that has a good mix of normal and freelancers? We're a group of early 30's Australian-born Asians – all in shape and look younger than we are. Can't decide between Climax or Insomnia… Or even venturing to RCA or Thonglor. Thanks in advance!

  8. Dont go to patpong! last time they tried to rip us of for alot of money even tough we had a guy speaking thai with us.. almost had to fight our way out of there..

  9. dang, I didn't know you had to buy a drink first before entering Baccara. First time there FEB2015, I was behind some European and the bouncer came and escorted me in before them. I could hear them mumbling something at the bouncer. The place was packed that night because it was a Friday night but somehow I was seated alone like a mafia boss…

  10. Good solid review…tough job but someone had to do it…Pattaya gogo bar review coming up? I just got back from Pattaya..I've heard great things about extra special shows etc at the Windmill gogo bar,did'nt get there,but would be great to hear if it's as good as I was told on the flight home.

  11. Thanks, excellent list and info. Bummer about Baccara; I definitely would like to get in there. I also like that you are straight up about your analysis about scamming. Having a list of legitimate gogos is very valuable.

    Oh yes, the ladyboy walk of death in the back on the 2nd floor of Nana. Stay away from there, unless that is your thing, because they may just grab your thing!

  12. This video made me smile. Thank you. I am disappointed with how expensive Thaiand is becoming. I remember when a large bottle of beer was 30 baht, and there were 75 baht to the pound. Also dislike how many girls have taken up smoking and got there body inked up.

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