24 thoughts on “Tony Robbins 2017 – The Keys To Massive Success”

  1. Tony robbins is such an inspiration , he is one of my favorite philanthropists. I watched his video on netflix and am forever grateful for the motivation and inspiration. He has inspired me to look at into something with complete positivy and know that what ever I set my mind to I can accomplish. I was looking for a way to change my life and gain financial freedom with the ability to help others.

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  2. Here is a great observation Tony, every person who has told me something is complex, was corrupting my destiny. It turned out their entire life was already chewed up, and they were trying their best to pollute mine! It goes like this, why should she be happy when I am in shit street over here ! (The Queen laughs) Jehovah ALONE reveals the deep things about people, places and things. SEEK HIM!

  3. can we have a normal human coaching than just talk about billionaires  and their relationship with him. He really doesn't need to brag in 2017, and just be humble and teach. He is famous enough to just teach his lessons than promote himself with his big client. Much love

  4. Fast forward to 8:06 to skip that awful crappy guy in the beginning. Then start learning and experiencing.

    Edit: That was a cruel and dumb thing to state. This Mark guy might not be the most inspirational on stage, but he STILL managed to get all these people there.

    I am the awful guy in this respect.
    So I am not taking my original message away – that would just be hiding from my own envy. Everyone has different talents. And I am nowhere there where he is.

    My apologies.

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