39 thoughts on “THOR 3: Ragnarok – Team Thor Teaser Trailer 2 (2017)”

  1. What the fuck happened to Thor after Doctor strange Christ. I thought it was 'Lets look for my Father with this man whom can manipulate time, objects, and space!' Now it's 'Hey we should get a servant. It's settled!' Rides bike away.

  2. Wish a director was making thor ragnorok that wasn't making a mockery of this movie. tired of everything I see from it being a big joke or prank type stuff. this is a serious plot and background and I don't want this to be a comedy. someone please fire this director. not even looking forward to this movie and that is saying something since I have looked forward to every other 14 or 15 movies out there. this is gonna be Saturday night live on big screen. (btw I hate snl) forced humor is horrible.

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