Things You Don’t Tell | Full Horror Movie

#KingsOfHorror presents: Things You Don’t Tell

A psychological thriller about three people caught in a web of deceit and lies. Everything is contained on the surface until a chance meeting triggers a series of tragic events that rips their worlds apart. As the truth unravels, their very survival is at stake.

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20 thoughts on “Things You Don’t Tell | Full Horror Movie”

  1. Film was good…… Different from the usual type…. I found the story line good and I'm glad I persisted with this film…..
    Don't listen to the negative comments on here just watch it for yourself…..

  2. Way too many ads on this video!, you need to cut down on the number of ad's you show, or I wont be able to watch any more videos on your chanel!, I would have given this movie a thumbs up, if it wasn't for the sickening amount of ad's!.

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