Thievery Corporation – The Temple of I & I 2017 (Full Album)

Label: Eighteenth Street Lounge Music Country: US Released: 02.2017 Genre: Triphop, Ambient, Reggae, Bossanova 1. 00:00 Thief Rockers (feat. Zee) 2.

by Seven Beats

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  • Duration: 1:6
  • Date & time added: 2017-02-09 09:42:06
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33 thoughts on “Thievery Corporation – The Temple of I & I 2017 (Full Album)”

  1. Music for the soul, very clever the mix between roots, dub fading in ambient Lounge resulting a perfect DOWNTEMPO, perfect with the best company or simply for enjoy yourself.

  2. I'm new to these geniuses. Had to import the CD from the US to the UK. Not because there are no suppliers here, but because it just felt right.
    Great poetry married to the music I love: rap, ska and original 😉

  3. These guys have done it again my goodness they're amazing!! They have such a distinctive sound, you know straight away when you hear one of their songs that it's Thievery. There is no one else like them!
    I remember buying their first album when it was released (a very long time ago now!) and been obsessed ever since and own all their other albums they made too. I love that they're not mainstream on the radio, they are so awake and aware of what's going on in the world you only have to listen to their lyrics. Oh and they're also amazing live too!! Ok I'll stop going on now… I'm just a huge fan and love them so much!! Thank you Thievery for making such awesome music and making me happy! Much love!!

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