The WAN Show – Underwater Datacenters?? So Cool! Literally.. – Feb 5, 2016


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Timestamps courtesy of Sam Tilling (IPickle), Brandon Axtmann, JJMC89 & Ghost

00:03:20 Germany’s Fusion Reactor Creates Hydrogen Plasma in World First
00:11:05 Microsoft is testing underwater Data Centers
00:18:40 Google plans to beam 5G internet from solar drones
00:28:05 Upgrade NOW or Upgrade TONIGHT: How Microsoft Aggressively Pushed Windows 10 to Everyone
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00:42:55 Sponsor: Freshbooks
00:44:50 Build of the Moment: Community Choice – Project Ravage
00:47:10 Build of the Moment: Mod Choice The Silent Cube
00:50:40 The dad who spent a night in jail after confiscating his daughter’s iPhone


24 thoughts on “The WAN Show – Underwater Datacenters?? So Cool! Literally.. – Feb 5, 2016”

  1. Natick looks like a very outlandish but stupid idea, meant more as a publicity campaign rather than an actual product (like Google's project ARA or Google glass). How would they maintain it? Would they send divers to disconnect the submersible "racks", resurface and then open them? The re-sealing would be a nightmare. The cost of maintaining these data centers would be enormous. It would be much simpler and cheaper if they built a data center near the sea, and connect cooling lines(water/oil) to an underwater heat exchanger (heat sink). Natick is most likely just a publicity campaign meant to show people that Microsoft thinks outside of the box. It's just not practical.

  2. if i had an ex wife that did that bull to me, then i would find the smallest little thing that she has kept and sue her for thousands, as that seems to be legal in the US -.-

  3. But Linus, you're forgetting that the type of websites that Squarespace builds, are abhorrent to the point of unusability. The only devices that should ever browse them are apple devices because, let's face it, you aren't going to get anything useful accomplished, no matter what you use Crapple tech for.

    49:00 How can you hate fan noise so much, and voluntarily own a Blade 14? Love those laptops, but if you're USING them, they get LOUD.

  4. There are ways to make Thorium green, it will last us for centuries with no environmental impact.
    Also why is that strapping young man saying something like "I'm never gonna have kids", is her infertile or something?

  5. Why not just run pipes into the ocean with radiators? It could be done near a river even. It is good for close proximity, but most data usage doesn't rely on fast response time. Gaming and skype are the only things I can think of that rely on fast ping.

  6. I like the show and Linus and friends know PC's. Unfortunately, the explanation of where oil comes from was silly. Nobody knows for sure but there are several well known theories. None of them have to do with trees piling up. Deep within the earth is one theory, small pinhead sized creatures in the sea floor is the most accepted theory. Not trees piling up and burning or whatever you said at 5 minutes. (just stick to the tech stuff) I still like the show a lot

  7. I just plain don't want windows 10. So if one day, my computer is running windows 10 without my permission with no way back, I'm finding another os permanently.

  8. I heard that the girl was sexting is why girl's dad took away?! Also heard that 1 reason things went so far so fast is mom was now in relationship with a cop or something like that!? I agree dad was totally in the right!!! also agree it IS called parenting!

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