The WAN Show – Apple vs The Feds, Round 2.. FIGHT! – Feb 19, 2016


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Timestamps courtesy of Sam Tilling (IPickle), Brandon Axtmann, JJMC89 & Ghost

00:03:30 Federal judge Orders Apple to help FBI decrypt San Bernardino killers iPhone 5C – Apple Responds with an Open Letter to Customers.
00:09:35 John McAfee: I’ll decrypt the San Bernardino phone for free so Apple doesn’t need to place a back door on it’s product.
00:13:36 Pentagon Orders Win 10 to be installed to approximately 4 million devices by Jan 2017
00:19:42 HP Elite X3 (Win 10 OS) Leaked before MWC
00:22:35 Ringing Bells Freedom 251 Smartphone costs approximately $4 USD
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00:42:05 ReFlex Full-Color, HD, Bendable Smartphone
00:47:45 Caterpillar (CAT) Releases Its own Smartphone
00:51:00 Apple Releases Fix for iPhone Bricking ‘Error 53’
00:53:20 ‘Five Dimensional’ glass discs can store data for up to 13.8 billion years
00:54:40 (Rumor) Twitter Shadowbanning ‘Real and Happening Every Day’ Says Inside Source


30 thoughts on “The WAN Show – Apple vs The Feds, Round 2.. FIGHT! – Feb 19, 2016”

  1. They say they store the information in 5 dimensions?
    Well that is a lie, as we cannot access more than 3 dimensions, though we can scientifically prove that there are more

  2. There is a big difference between putting a back door in everyone's phone, and putting it into this phone. If they can manage to keep their master signing key from falling into the wrong hands, then they can manage to protect this backdoor'ed OS update the same way. They can also make sure that it will only run on this one phone if they so desire, or simply put the stock software back on the phone after cracking the pin, and never letting it out of the building.

  3. I installed utorrent on windows 10 and I can not find it.. it runs only when opened automatically but I cant find anything from it or about it and can't uninstall it..

  4. Apple, Feds, I know you want to know about the Apple Vs Feds, Apple , Apple as in apple? Feds, As in Federation ? If the Federation wants to argue with an Apple then we have sirious issues Says the online troll videos

  5. Hey, hey, ass hat, why did you have to scream into my ears? Act like an adult. Was that really called for, or are you 8 years old? The least you could do is level your wan show audio to prevent peaking, you know, like a professional.

  6. As a person that works for an American based software corp I realize how weak our products would look in comparison to an overseas product if our c.e.o allowed a back door to be installed specifically because our government would not be able to tell nokia for instance to do the same. this makes overseas products look stronger in comparison. there are both civil rights and economic factors for apple to consider. go apple!!!!

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