The WAN Show – Android N and Roller Coasters with VR! – Mar 11, 2016


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Timestamps courtesy of Sam Tilling (IPickle), JJMC89 & Ghost

00:13:10 Google Releases Android N Details & Developer Preview
00:28:15 Six Flags using Samsung Gear VR on Roller Coasters
00:33:50 France Looking to Punish Companies for Refusing to Decrypt Devices
00:37:44 Sponsor: SquareSpace
00:39:45 Sponsor: Tunnelbear
00:41:02 Sponsor: Freshbooks
00:43:20 Manus VR Gloves
00:48:26 Building living, breathing supercomputers
00:51:06 unRAID 6.2 Beta Release
00:56:05 OnePlus Paid $300,000 USD to get their phones featured in House of Cards
01:00:25 Microsoft announces closure of Lionhead Studios, ceases development on latest Fable game
01:05:10 New Nvidia GPU Rumors
01:10:25 The Division – Ubisoft’s Fastest-Selling Game


46 thoughts on “The WAN Show – Android N and Roller Coasters with VR! – Mar 11, 2016”

  1. I have a GT 9800 do i buy a new pc with GTX 980 TI now or i wait 1 month for 1080 TI ? (duno about how much it will cost too, 980 TI is already expensive for me but well)

  2. hey guys!
    Can you tell me if I should buy myself parts for a new computer now, or should I wait a bit for the new GPUs and everything?
    I would buy a r9 390 from ASUS.

  3. in regards to doing non-computeresque reviews, I think Linus and Co could pull it off. half of watching their reviews is enjoying their review process in tandem with what's being reviewed.

  4. WAIT, if Apple goes out of business from getting sued, and Tim cook getting put in prison, those peasants will have no choice but to see the pureness of Android! Master! The government… genius.

  5. If the six flags ride has predictable movements because it is on a track why even bother rendering out the graphics for each ride? Why not render a high quality video once that plays back for each ride. Just my two cents..

  6. Anyone have opinions about what headset/headphone to use for good directional quality? I have had logitech g35 and razer tiamat 7.1, the tiamat had good directional audio but it misses the bass quality of the g35. I don't need a mic as a have a high quality desktop mic but i would like to get good quality without going for an external amp.

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